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Britt Banks is an award-winning director and screenwriter from Long Beach, California who focuses on amplifying the voices of non-binary, women, and girls of color. Britt has eight years of experience in the entertainment industry and has directed 7 short films, 6 web-series episodes, and an upcoming feature film. She also has network TV experience through NBCUniversal's Content and Production department.


Britt's profound short film THICKE, is a grant winner of the 2020 Black Life Film Festival. Her award-winning short film BLUE LACES, screened at film festivals internationally, including Bronzelens, The Micheaux Film Festival, the Gary International Black Film Festival, and the Diversity in Cannes Film Festival. Her horror short film, RONALD, premiered on REVOLT TV after winning their hip hop horror contest. Britt is also a 2022 Film Impact Georgia filmmaker grant finalist and runner up. In addition to directing, Britt has worked as a digital imaging technician and her work can be seen on Monkeypaw Productions' HONK FOR JESUS. SAVE YOUR SOUL.

I'm a director who paints visuals through the lens of realism and powerful storytelling. I aim to create films that are intentional, felt, and understood. Above all, I'm a leader who knows how to effectively connect with my cast and crew, and who understands the importance of collaboration, creativity, and community. 

- Britt Banks

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